Chex Quest 3 - Well that was INTENSE!

Last week, I went on a strange journey from the 90s. It was a story of delicious grains and those that were against its deliciousness: The Flemoids. It's the story of Chex Quest 3.

Back in the 90s a set of Doom clone games were created by the marketing team of Ralston. They wanted a non-violent version of Doom, as it was all the rage back then, that could help advertise Chex Cereal and still allow the parents to be cool about using a chainsaw... ahem... a motorized spinny spork to dispatch the bad guys. It actually worked!

The first game was released in 1996, then 1997 for Chex Quest 2: Flemoids Take Chextropolis. Both of those were such a success, the team got back together in 2008 for Chex Quest 3 as an ultimate love letter to the fanbase.

As the kids that grew up playing the games that were made for their demographics (ages 6-9+), they started to grow up. Chex Quest 3 really upped the ante by making the puzzles harder and the action much more intense! By the time you get to the last 2 levels, you are scrounging harder for ammo and finding better ways not to shoot any of the Flemoids, so you can save it all for the final battle with Lord Stotfulus!

There are talks about bringing out a Chex Quest 4 on the Unreal Engine, but it seems all that it is so far is talk.

BONUS: Have a link to a high res scan of the Chex Quest Poster!
Chex Quest Poster

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